Closed for holidays 29th of July - 1st of September. New exhibition on the 8th of September with Peggy Franck

Dina Danish

Dina Danish works with video, photography, installation and performance. Her works fuses conceptual arts with language and structure as well as shades of humor, mistranslation, absurd misunderstanding and superstition. She is also interested in mimesis and repetition. The contemporary art scenes abroad were used as an inspiration for her experiments with alternative artistic practices. Danish received the “Curator’s Choice Celeste Prize” Rome, IT (2012). She is also the winner of the “Illy Present Future Award” Artissima 18 with Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art, Turin, IT (2011) and the “Barclay Simpson Award”, San Francisco (CA), US (2008). At the moment, she is also a tutor at the KABK, The Hague, NL