18 May - 16 June 2018


For his second solo show at Stigter Van Doesburg, Roman Wolgin made an entirely new series of paintings. The works can be seen as the representation of a sculpture through painting from different perspectives and light. By mainly using dark shades and black colour for his background, he aspires to create a travel through time. Roman Wolgin’s work is truly inspired by the history of European civilation. The different representations of sculptures reflect the origins of our civilizition while he plays with different light, angles and sculptures’ details.

The complexity and multidimensional approach of his work can be used as a comment of our current perception of the European culture. People use to construct, reproduce and/or adapt different historical narratives of the same historical event. Every different perspective is commonly used as the only true representation but what if we would say that it is only a part of the whole historical puzzle? So, we could consider that Roman Wolgin questions the validity of a single story and that is why he calls us to create different interprentations for his work.