3 September - 10 October 2020

Don’t forgive/get, them

Playing with the porosity of diverse Media; re-organizing mediums and tools to shape a language that would be welcoming to all of them, the work of Kevin Bray (Nevers FR 1989) engages with different types of communication strategies. Traversing from cinema, graphic design, illustration, painting, sculpture to music and writing, in his work Bray blends and conceptualizes all of the parameters of these expressions to build up symbolic narratives, commenting on our diverse existences and the appearances they embody. 

Anima, animated, animal, animism: the work keeps existing in a dynamic flow. A piece of the puzzle is kept in movement, in transformation and translation. Revealing the changing nature of the objects, organs and organisms he is shaping, all entities nourish the transfiguration and dialogue engaged within this ecosystem. 

“Don’t Forgive/get, them” reveals the backstage of the signs created within his previous assemblage of works, by operating a revolving motion around them through the use of techniques such as video mapping. The video work exhibited consequently activates the spectrum and the display of all other works, in such a way that it forces a different discussion to occur between the gallery space and the multitude of spaces Bray proposes through his work.