Ester Gašparová

By and By

6 - 8 July 2023

By and By

For our upcoming three day group exhibition ‘By and By’ we are showcasing the works of Ester Gašparová, Taiyo Shimizu Larenas, Nazif Lopulissa, Andrei Nitu, Jaiho Park, Erika Peucelle, Angelus Schnabl, Xiaoyu Wen and Joeri Woudstra. We are excited to present the work of these nine talented artists, our generation, each with their unique point of view. 

The exhibition presents their perspectives on the themes of fragility and transformation, highlighting how young artists perceive and interpret these subjects. Their artistic expressions reflect their evolving viewpoints and insights "by and by,” this way revealing the changing approach of emerging artists.

We interpret the expression ’By and By’ as a sense of anticipation, or in this context confidence and trust in the future. By incorporating the concept of "by and by" into the exhibition, we also hint at the idea of the great wide open, suggesting that there is promise and hope for us, that it will work out in the end, even if we are not sure when. 
J.v.D, S.I and R.L

Join us at the opening on July 6 from 17:00-21:00! 

Thursday July 6 17:00-21:00
Friday July 7 14:00-18:00
Saturday July 8 14:00-18:00