Peggy Franck

Elastic Visions

11 October - 22 November 2014

Elastic Visions

Stigter Van Doesburg is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Peggy Franck at the gallery.

Peggy Franck is known for her spatial explorations of the intersection between photography, installation and painting. Constantly reinventing this exploration of layered dimensions, she simultaneously celebrates and questions the artistic gesture. With 'Elastic Visions', the artist presents a tense, jittery, painterly randomness all over the place. The complexity of the installation has a kaleidoscopic effect, causing a slight sensation of disorientation and vertigo.

'In free-fall', a bold gestural tableau printed digitally on carpet that covers a complete wall, is overlapped with a composition of somewhat hallucinatory sets of acrylic sheets and painted canvasses. In combination with the superimposed works, the pictorial vocabulary used in the carpet-painting causes a peculiar blended materiality.

C-prints of parts of a studio interior display a hoarding disorder. The haphazardness is in fact meticulously composed, showing a similar deliberate directness one can find in Franck’s paintings. Turning an image upside down, a tool that is sometimes used by artists to test a composition, gives a c-print, a strange, destabilizing twist.

Other, large scale, analogue, glossy c-prints - photographs of paintings on mirrored silver and gold paper - display a delirious synergy of illumination, paint, and shiny reflections. By photographing these chromatic vibrations the artist brings them to a very precise standstill. Nevertheless, these images seem to move in front of our eyes.

One c-print that is brutally cut off in the middle of the image, creates the impression that we are looking at a photographic test-print or an incomplete image. However it is in this deliberate creation of something 'unfinished' that Franck finds the vitality that drives her work.