Hans van der Ham

Facing Humanoids

9 March - 13 April 2024

Facing Humanoids

Hans van der Ham curated in 2018 the exhibition ANIMA MUNDI at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, exploring the theme of animation in contemporary society. The exhibition was prompted by the evolving perspective on matter brought about by advances in robotization, digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence.

Through ANIMA MUNDI, Hans van der Ham sought to demonstrate that the idea of imbuing inanimate matter with human-like qualities is not a recent phenomenon. Ancient Greeks and Renaissance thinkers, as well as tribal communities, have long established emotional and spiritual connections with depictions of the human body.

The exhibition, titled -FACING HUMANOIDS-, delves into the parallels between historical practices and modern developments. It highlights the growing resemblance between robots and humans, and the enduring concept of animating matter.

Hans van der Ham finds these parallels fascinating and believes that the term "humanoids" encapsulates both the increasingly humanoid robots and the tribal belief in animating matter.

Furthermore, he observes that as technology progresses, humans themselves are becoming more humanoid. This shift prompts reflection on the future dynamics of human-machine interactions and their implications for society and the environment.