Sue Tompkins

Skype Won't Do

18 May - 22 June 2013

Skype Won't Do

‘Ultra Hurrying, How we gonna get there?’ is a series of 27 A4 paper works consisting out of type written words, sentences and symbols. The last adding a strong decorative and repetitive element like they cover the words you’re looking for. The sometimes funny, sometimes deep but always enigmatic texts are taken from her collections of words and phrases kept in notebooks and used as source material for her performances. Peculiar acronyms go together with recognizable words in a style reminiscent of concrete poetry, repudiating any determinate interpretation. These works are inextricably linked to Tompkin’s performances and remain the silent witnesses of what she speaks out loudly.

Next to the text pieces Tompkins will present brightly colored works made out of textile. “Pink Train” has the same lightness as the text works – just veil, zippers and safety pins – and has the same free-floating style as well.

Sue Tompkins (1971) lives and works in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include Sea Deep, Galerie Micky Shubert, Berlin, It’s chiming in Normal town, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis and The Modern Institute, Glasgow