Aukje Koks


15 April - 20 May 2017


In the space where normality is the common realm of the absurd, Aukje Koks brings the object and its representation into an oneiric dimension in which resemblance always lapses into estrangement.

"My works derive from everyday, personal thoughts and feelings about love, lust, boredom, doubts, regularity, daily rituals, people, believe, conversations, repetitions, surrounding things, surviving, talking, standing still, moving, moving forward. I translate all this into the language of art in a cryptographic way."

Where before Aukje Koks explored the physical limits of the medium, and played with visual illusions, for this specific exhibition she focuses on the dreamlike thought world, grabbing back to her earlier works in tempera.

In Aukje Koks' paintings and drawings, everyday things - taken from intimate surroundings - float in a space seemingly parallel to reality. Introversion is here interspersed with togetherness. As if looking through a window or screen, some of the paintings in With represent an idea that there is a certain distance present in the works, in which transparency is a reoccurring subject.

Cut out parts of paintings appear outside of the canvas or are glued on to the painting as external elements of the same kind. Drawings are scattered through the exhibition as notes, as an extra research about the ability to grasp a certain idea or thought, before it flies away.