15 - 20 October 2019

dokumentART Film Festival, Neubrandenburg, DE

Pilvi Takala is showing The Stroker during dokumentART.

The Stroker

Nina strolls through Second Home, a trendy London co-working space. She is friendly to everyone, greets and touches people slightly as she passes them. Who is she, and why does this person — soon to be called “the stroker” — always touch people without asking? Based on a two-week intervention in the co-working space, Pilvi Takala poses as founder of the ultra-modern company "Personnel Touch", which supposedly has been commissioned to offer touch as a workplace service, based on studies of the stimulating effect of interpersonal contact.

Director: Pilvi Takala
Screenplay: Iona Roisin, Pilvi Takala
Cinematography: Katharina Dießner
Editor: Elisa Purfürs