24 August 2019

INDUMENTUM - Kunstkapel, Amsterdam, NL

INDUMENTUM is a photography exhibition where Maarten Kools is creating a dialogue with late gothic and early renaissance painting, above all those painters who where finding and revealing a new 'realism' in their art. A 'realism' that suffocates everything, and leaves no room for concessions. It shows a world that looks real but is not ours. An almost sublime-realism that, only seen from the upmost nearest view, is build up out of paint. This 'play' with realism; what is paint ? what is reality?, is the starting point for the photography shown at this exhibition.

By concentrating on cloths or garments depicted in these early 15th century religious paintings and translate them to modern still-life photography, the dialogue is thus: "from painting to reality, from photography to painting."

Guest artists:

Wolfgang Messing
James Geron Amadey
Anastasia Vledouts
Lev Kazachenko as K L U D G Y