Irene Fortuyn

Re-think Re-act

18 June - 28 August 2022

Re-think Re-act

Art and design for a vital region

Art goes much further than exhibitions, guided tours and activities in a museum. Art is everywhere! It is also on the street, in nature, at schools and in companies. That is why museum van Bommel van Dam works on various social art projects within and beyond our museum walls.

With the Re-think Re-act project, we respond to the health of the Limburg population who are far behind the national average in that regard. In collaboration with artists and designers, in 2019 the museum started six research and change processes concerning positive health and nutrition. Together with local residents, schools, organisations and partners, we hope this will trigger a new movement.

Is the result of thinking inside-out also the new approach to responding outside-in? Step inside and examine your vital health. You can visit Re-think Re-act from 18 June to 28 August 2022.