Josefin Arnell

The Lure

2 April - 14 May 2022

The Lure

Curated by Thomas Conchou, Josefin Arnell has an ongoing duo show (2 April to 14 May 2022) with Marilou Bal at Sissi Club in Marseille, France. 

The Polish director Agnieszka Smoczyńska’s film, The Lure (Córki Dancingu) narrates an eventful story of two sirens, Gold and Silver. As the film alters between the genres of musical comedy and horror, The Lure explores the concept of adolescence and femininity, often influenced by misogynistic perspectives, through Gold and Silver’s coming of age.   

Within the exhibition, both artists incorporates their individual perspectives of adolescence and challenges the norm of femininity. 


The exhibition presents Josefin Arnell’s sculptures and film Wild Filly Story (2020) and a series of new paintings by Marilou Bal.